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John Morton formed Johnny and the Dicks in 1978 because he wanted to do "art" live. (way-cool huh?) The dicks would appear on stage with instruments but never play them.
It was, for lack of a better term, "punk art."
They played at a "punk" festival in DC and galleries in Cle and Buffalo. and the album below was released "sans musica."

johnny &

please note; it is one of the "artists rules" to change from 1st to 3rd person.



i proudly resent . . .
i mean present,
the johnny and the dicks album.
a limited edition silk-screened album (each one with its own dollop of polyester resin and fibreglas) and containing no LP whatsoever. none, nil, nunca (and you might want to take that under advisement before you listen to the music files below ! ! ! ! )
don't try this at home Be sure to hear the
"J & the D's" hit
"I am fucked up" from their one and only album.
(real audio and MP3)
(It's to the right)

Don't say I didn't warn you ! !

that number one hit from the premiere album,
"Johnny & the Dicks."

to listen, click one of the fucking underlined lines below stupid *
real player file click the fuck here
mp3 file click the fuck here
(sorry, but if you are a punk-art band
you must maintain a professional level of rudeness)
Members of the band included my x wife,
the artist Michele Zalopany, two future members of
"the Bush Tetras,"
Mike Weldon,
Andrew Klimek and the indomitable
Karen K. Karen Karen
(aka Karen Ellis) as the aluminum foiled chanteuse in the photo above.
neither girl in this photo is wearing a dress ! !


this one doesn't get bigger !

that's johnny above

thanks to Jim Ellis





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